Tourism in Australia

Sydney - Is the main entry point in Australia for most people, and the city offers many interesting sites to visit such as the Opera House, Darling Harbour with marine aquarium, lots of Shopping malls, museums, and it worth a visit to the other side of the bay including the Zoo and the beach of Mainly. 

Cairns - is a small city without any big attractions, however the things you can do around are fantastic, such as going to the Great Barrier Reef (and if you can go to the outside reefs better, because the inside reefs are not very spectacular, although the cost will be well more expensive.).

Gold Coast - pretty beaches special for surfers and beach lovers. Other attractions are the Theme Parks and the busy night life in Surfers Paradise. The surrounding mountains and National Parks should not be missed with many waterfalls, flora and fauna to be appreciated.

Fraser island - muy legal, con paseos por la arena en vehículos 4x4. Lagunas muy bonitas y mucha naturaleza para ver. Cerca, en la Sunshine Coast, Noosa es la ciudad más interesante para pasar el día saliendo de Brisbane que es también una ciudad muy buena para conocerse. 

Magnetic island In front of Townsville, with fantastic beaches.  2/3 of the Island is considered National Park with many colonies of Koalas and Kangaroos to be seen in their natural habitat. 

Whitsundays - paradise for nautical sports with excellent nightlife and restaurants. The photo of helicopter in the top of this page is from the Whitsunday’s. One of the best gateways to the Great Barrier Reef and island resorts. Perfect place to do a tour in a sailboat.

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